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I'm back from my long stay at the hospital. i am doing much better now, and im no longer posting anything about self harm, triggering things, or suicidal things. have fun and follow if you want.

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the more you ask if I’m okay the less okay I will be.

I am smelling like a dozen roses I just bought for myself




A Weekend at Camp for Gender-Variant Children - Slide Show -  

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This is beautiful.

We have a new camp in town for LGBT youth.  I see them walking around, so genuinely happy to be in a place where they are not only tolerated, they are accepted.  The world needs more programs like these.


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so that you could have the good

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“Fuck everyone who hates you, a smile is the best revenge.” 

- Gerard Way

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4 MCR Shirts and a pair of limited edition size 6 Vans (the Vans are too small and the t-shirts are doubles so I have no need for them)

  • Killjoy comic t-shirt small
  • mouse kat t-shirt small
  • castle reissue glow in the dark t-shirt medium
  • knives t-shirt medium
  • size 6 limited edition vans



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